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Luxury Boutique Hotels Verona

Leoncino 5 star Luxury Boutique Hotels is an Italian brand operating in the hospitality industry.
Our love for beautiful things and our zest for the outlandish are willingly shared with our guests.
For this reason, our structures are not simple luxury hotels, but much more - they are boutique hotels.   

The first boutique hotel was Morgans New York Hotel, founded in 1984. From then on, this hospitality form has become famous worldwide. A boutique hotel is an integrated part of a surrounding area. It displays the spirit of a city or the character of a particular locality. Its architecture and design epitomise the History, to be narrated only to those who choose that structure for a stay.

To sojourn at a boutique hotel means to savour to the full the life of a territory.

To savour to the full the life of a territory, having a tailor-made hotel at one's service. Our boutique hotels are customized in each detail, that allows for offering a unique experience to our guests.

Those are the services provided to anticipate your needs.
Those are the furnishings and the accessories available for purchase at your will.
Those are the ambiences, ready to sustain any aspect of your personality.

To sojourn at a boutique hotel means to travel as individuals.

The brand Leoncino 5 star Luxury Boutique Hotels provides services and facilities comparable to those of the best hotels, in an ambience created expressly for you.
"Travelling is like dreaming", - would say Edgar Allan Poe. And we are happy to be a part of your dream.